- Download and install McAfee

Download and install McAfee using

Download mcafee when I have mcafee product key Now you have McAfee antivirus product key, open your internet and visit mcafee com activate. It will ask you to enter 25 digit McAfee antivirus activation key codes,type that code and click on submit. Login with your McAfee account.

McAfee product key is known as McAfee activation code. The product key is a combination of 25 alphanumeric digits, five batches of five letters in each. It looks like: XXXXX- XXXXX- XXXXX- XXXXX- XXXXX The location of McAfee activation code depends on how you purchased McAfee activate. McAfee antivirus can be purchased from a retail store as well as from a retail site. If you have a McAfee retail card, then the activation code is on the back side of the card. Or else McAfee also sends activation code online via email.

Download and install McAfee using

  1. Enter your activation code on

  2. Log in to your McAfee account.

  3. Download McAfee antivirus.

  4. Start installing McAfee antivirus.

  5. Follow the screen prompts.

  6. Check the protection level.

  7. Then set the firewall on your device.

  8. Now, scan your device for complete protection.

Activate McAfee Antivirus ||

Start activating the McAfee product with the identification key because you can’t use the Mcafee antivirus without activating it. Here’s how:-

  1. Open a web browser

  2. Type

  3. Sign in, and launch the installed file.

  4. Enter Your 25 Digit McafeeActivation Code

  5. Select your country and language.

  6. Click on activate now button.

  7. Great, Your Mcafee antivirus has successfully activated.

Renew McAfee subscription with product key

  1. Get the mouse over “My account”

  2. Click sign in from the list of options.

  3. Type your registered e-mail address.

  4. Type the password.

  5. After that click “log in”

  6. Take the mouse over “My account”

  7. Then select subscription.

  8. Click renew for appropriate service.